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Originally Posted by never-cruised
Questions about Panama Canal Cruise:
1) Which cruise line and/or ship would be best to take an elderly (80 yo) person who is on oxygen 24/7 and can't walk much. Probably Hal or Celebrity. Any ship will require some travel. You might want to consider taking a wheelchair as well
2) East or west direction? Which is best if you are going one-way?
I think eastbound ia better . The approach starts after daylight(eastbound) and not in the early morning (5AM -Westbound)
3) Would prefer to depart from San Diego (near to where we live), so the flight would be at the end of the vacation instead of the beginning (in case it is a nightmare...wouldn't want to start off on a bad note!) NO Answer
4) Since we are traveling with someone with a disability and do not want to 'fight the crowds' at every turn, would a balcony room be better to view the canal? You won't see all the canal . You almost have move from side to side or stay up on the bow. HAL or Celebrity would probably be better for you . Smaller and quieter ship , not as crowded

Any other information you can think of...I would be SO appreciative. Best month (Jan, Feb?) etc. Our disabled companion will stay on board, but we would like to do some excursions. Rooms for singles? Are they way overpriced? Or is there a room-type that 3 could comfortably fit in? Should I just go find a travel agent to help, or just research online? HELP Please
Hal has full transit in Feb. Celebrity has full transit in Jan . Both are from San Diego . If you can get to LA ,Azamara , Princess and RCI has full transit cruises in Jan. This info is for Jan/Feb 09

We enjoyed our transit of the canal in Oct 06. The best is to research on the web and then go to a travel agent . Because one person is disabled and on Oxygen , special arrangements will have to be made. I've heard that you have to arranged for Oxygen to be supplied by an outside supplier approved by the cruiseline. YOU can't bring your own tanks on board. The same would probably apply to flying. I've heard on one forum that a passenger(group) was left at the dock because the oxygen wasn't delivered to the ship.


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