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We did the full transit starting from LA last Jan, 2007. Yes, the ship does
start going through the canal pretty early but if you are an early riser
- it's amazing to see all the ships in a "holding" pattern waiting their turn. The large cruise ships are given preference and kind of go to the "head of the line". If you can be on deck early enough - you may see the actual
transfer of money take place. This is done in CASH by the way. Something like $ 50,000 depending on the tonage of the boats going through. Be sure to be on deck when going under the Centennial Bridge and the Bridge of the Americas - wonderful photo opportunity. Also you
can see alot from your TV in the cabin. Might be good for the person
who can't walk much.

Not sure about
doing the shore excursions in Cartegena like the other post recommended. We were not allowed to leave the dock area while in the canal. There was a native type of market set up in the terminal bldg. but
no passengers were allowed to leave.

Is the person on oxygen a family member?? You could probably all stay
in a Junior suite or check out the "wheelchair accessible" cabins. You
might find some that are adjoining so you could still have your privacy
but be right next door in case. The single supplements are usually pretty
expensive (something like 150 or 200 % of the per person fare when
sharing a cabin). I would most Definately use a TA - one that specializes
in cruises - they would have more info about all your questions and
advise about the oxygen and person with disabilities. Yes, you most
definately WANT a balcony - even though you might not see as much
of the transit as being on deck - it's still an awesome experience and
a balcony is so enjoyable regardless - just to sit and relax, enjoy the
world going by ---- oh, I wish I was cruising right now !! I use Sandi
and Angela from Cruiseplanners out of NC. 8) 8) 8)
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