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I have to take exception to several of Sun's comments.

I've received excellent service on my 6 HAL cruises. If you think the food is on a par with banquet hall fare, you must go to some pretty highbrow banquets.

What is shocking about wheelchairs and oxygen tanks? On my recent Oosterdam cruise, there was 1 person using oxygen, 2 in wheelchairs, 1 with an electric scooter, and a few canes. This was out of almost 1,800 passengers. Ironically, most of the passengers using medical equipment were relatively young. Bad stuff just doesn't happen to older folks. For instance, there was woman in her late 40s in a wheelchair who had a massive stroke at age 41...this could happen to any one of us, including someone in their 20s.

Some families have reported that their children got MORE attention in Club HAL when sailing at times when there were fewer kids onboard.

Relax and enjoy your cruise!

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