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Sounds like most of you would take anything given to you. Sounds like they could rip you off to tears and just because your on vacation it is fine. Obviously opinions vary but when I am the customer I just expect decent treatment just as I give my customers. I am in the Transmission repair business and if I tell a customer a price for repair and a date when it will be ready then thats what I provide. If I gave them something different and it was a few days late I would feel aweful and try to accomadate them. Sometimes in my business things dont go as planned but when they dont I either give a discount or at least show some kind of concern. Obviously ,I want my customers to be satisfied and others dont care. At the meeting on the ship there were a few hundred people that were standing up for there rights. I am sorry if most of you dont mind getting taken advantage of but I dont appreciate it. Remember ,they made extra money because we missed the port. How could that be taken as they got the raw end of the deal.
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