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Are as dumb as you look? Can you not read? The emergency was first and foremost! I will say again. The emergency is first and foremost!!!!!!!!!! I feel for there family. I have had losts of illnesses in my family and I totally understand that the captain made the best decision! After all that is said and done then Carnival,the one making the money should try to satisfy there customers. Would you go to the grocery store and pay for steakl and say no thanks I will take lunch meat instead? WOuld you pay for a new motor and when you came to pick it up I said sorry there was a medical emergency ,I had to put in a used motor for the same price? No! Thats not right. Just because they are a big company they are taking advantage of us just as the gas companies are. There profits keep going up and were the ones helping it. I am all for profits but paying for something and not getting it is not the right thing to do ,I dont care what the contract says. Carnival is laughing all the way to the bank with you peoples money and your smiling saying ...I will give you all my money and you give me whatever you want ..I will be happy if we just sit here at the dock and never leave... Man, I wished some of you were my customers... I could make a killing just like Carnival is!
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