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A very touchy subject. We both smoked heavily but finally kicked the habit in 1988. I promised myself that I would be tolerant and non-judgemental of those who chose to smoke and that worked-for a while. Other peoples smoke didn't really bother me that much-just made me want a damn cigarette! But for the past 10 years we both find second-hand smoke unbearable. Maybe it's our age For that reason, I'm happy with Celebrity's decision-it is our cruiseline of choice. I really don't believe non-smokers want to trample on the rights of those who do smoke-I think it is a health and environmental issue. I had to laugh at georgeny's comments about banning overeaters, people who drink too much, old people, kids etc. I see his point but my health is not going to be affected by the 500 lb guy at the buffet, or the guy who gets tanked every night or the two obnoxious kids at my dinner table. Here in Ontario, they are introducing a law that forbids people to smoke in their own car if there are children present. I think it's already in force in some Maritime provinces. It's like everything else-there are considerate smokers who respect non-smokers and those who don't give a hoot about anyone else and unfortunately all smokers have to pay the price. But I'm sure there will always be plenty of ships who will allow smoking in some areas-after all, there is still a lot of smokers out there plus all those who don't but could care less who did and are not bothered by it.
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