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April 14 – Mykonos – By Kuki
After waking at a weird hour this morning I’m a bit more “spaced out” than usual. Several pots of coffee later, yet there was still no change. Rather than have breakfast at Cagney’s again, I thought I would have breakfast with “the masses” at the Garden Café, the ship’s Lido Deck buffet, or “action station” area. Though there were plenty of passengers looking for breakfast, I had no waiting at all, as I opted for more coffee, French Toast, and bacon. With my tray, I headed out to the central pool side area to enjoy my breakfast alfresco.

While enjoying the meal I was mulling over my choices of what to do in Mykonos today, trying to decide if I was going to check availability on another tour, or just wing it. This morning it’s also a bit cool outside, so I had decided to wait for the warmer part of the day before heading out. The ship does offer a free shuttle bus service dropping guests closer to the center of town, so I’ve decided closer to lunch time, and after a short nap, to take the shuttle to town and just stroll and shop.

I ran into AnneMarie, of NCL’s PR dept. and since my evening tour has been cancelled she’s invited me to have dinner ashore with her and the head of the ship’s shore excursion dept. as well as another NCL rep who’s supposed to fly in to meet us today. (I’m hoping somehow my luggage will arrive at the ship with her…which would be rather magical).

Of note, there was a card left in my cabin asking for my custom choices of fruit basket, and canapés, to be delivered to the cabin in the afternoon or evening.

I had a short nap this morning, and took the ships complimentary shuttle into town at about 11 A.M. I was actually shocked at the long lines for the shuttle at that time. I just assumed more people would have been off on tours, or exploring the island earlier.

I strolled the narrow streets, and looked around for a pharmacy. They are certainly making preparations for the beginning of the tourist season here. All the buildings are getting a fresh coat of white paint, and fresh blue paint for the doors. Many businesses appeared to be cleaning up, and appeared that they had been probably been closed entirely during the winter months. I did find myself a “Greek outfit”, to add to my temporary wardrobe. I can now OOMPA with the best of them.

When I returned to the ship I had received a note from the Guest Relations desk saying Turkish Airlines had no idea where my missing luggage was vacationing, and that was somewhat disheartening. Though I’m sure all my extra underwear is rather enjoying the time off.

A few minutes later I did get a phone call saying my luggage, feeling very relaxed and comfortable, had indeed arrived in Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines, after discussions with my socks and sports jacket, who want to spend time touring the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul first, have decided to forward my suitcase directly to Alexandria, Egypt.

This means that I’ll still be visiting Santorini and Irkalon, Greece, followed by a day at sea, without being accompanied by my boxer shorts.

Of course, the question will remain with me for the next 4 days… Can they possibly actually get this suitcase to Egypt? And will they have at least loaded it with 12 boxes of Turkish Delight for compensation?

Despite my joking about the situation, there is an important lesson to be learned through my experience with this. I did have the foresight to pack a few days of clothing, and all my meds, in my carry-on. Indeed I would have had my toiletries etc. with me as well, if not for flight restrictions regarding liquids in carry-on bags. Of course if I had flown in for a couple of days pre-cruise, as is my normal custom for European itineraries, my bag could have simply been delivered to my hotel before I boarded the ship.
It’s an important aspect of cruising from U.S. ports of call, but even more important when sailing an itinerary such as this, where airport access to some of the islands is very limited.
However it is equally as important to try and take such incidents in stride, and enjoy your vacation as much as possible as well.
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