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Originally Posted by rosetattoo
I pack a small container of antibacterial liquid hand soap for the bathroom, an inexpensive, plastic toothbrush holder, an insulated mug that I fill up from the beverage station before departing on a shore excursion, a light waterproof jacket with a hood and an inexpensive beach towel.
Washing your hands thoroughly with regular soap is just as effective.
Toothbrush holder??? stand them in a glass.
Insulated mug, tried this since the Celebrity coffee cups are almost 'demi-tasse' but really didn't use it. Unless you're a big coffee drinker, don't bother. We do appreciate having a good lexan refillable water bottle for excursions.
Beach towel?? why add the extra bulk, the ship will provide one (although they're large and take up half your backpack)
I thought the cheap shoe rack was a decent idea for the bahroom door, but we have toiletry bags that hang on the door and suffice.
Never needed the power bar, or duct tape.
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