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Default Re: Yet another formal question - men's wear


Originally Posted by You
DH and I are cruising on Royal Caribbean (Majesty of the Seas) on May 5th to the Bahamas, 4 nights. I am pretty much set with my clothing, but am trying to figure out what DH should wear for formal night. We think renting a tux is a bit ridiculous price-wise for only one night. We really don't have much money to be spending on new clothes, and DH doesn't own a suit or any type of dress coat - Should we go out and spend the money on a suit for him (which he may not have a need for again for years) or would he be okay in some dressy khaki colored slacks, blue short sleeved dress shirt and a tie (we'd have to buy the tie, lol)...? We're really trying to stay tight with money so we actually have money for the cruise (this is not easy for us) so buying a suit would be a big purchase, but if it's necessary, we'll do it.

Sorry for rambling, I'm just lost on this one.
What would your husband wear to a wedding or to a funeral? You most assuredly will have to go to such events from time to time!

You can buy a business suit for just $99 at J. C. Penney that your husband would be able to wear for weddings, funerals, and other special occasions as well as for the "formal" evening on your cruise. He'll need a dress shirt, a necktie, dress socks, and dress shoes to wear with it, but that's probably a better use of your resources than a tuxedo rental.

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