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[color=blue]Thank you for the information, I appreciate it! Did you do any shore excursions & if so, how were they? We have decided on every port except Skagway; I'm torn between a couple of them. I'm trying to keep our total cost under $1000 for shore excursions for the two of us; although some of the more expensive ones look really fun!!! I guess I just want to be able to justify the cost.

I'm looking forward to cruising NCL/Pearl. The "Freestyle" cruising has always appealed to my husband & I. We are definitely going to try some of the different restaurants & pay the additional charge. It seems "formal nights" on some of the other cruise lines we've been on are a joke. There's nothing like being stuck at a table with a loud drunk guy in a dirty tank-top & sweat pants for 7 days! At least we have the opportunity to eat when we want, wear what we want & dine with whomever we want
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