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April 27 – Carnival Freedom – at sea
I have to admit to having one of my best sleeps in over two weeks last night. I was back at sea, reunited with my possessions, and had begun a 14 night transatlantic sailing.

This morning I ran in to our cabin steward in the hallway. He amazed me. He not only remembered Mrs. Kuki and I from an earlier voyage on the Freedom, he actually remembered our cabin number! We told him we didn’t remember leaving the cabin in such a state of disarray that he should remember us with us such specific detail. It was a very impressive display of memory, especially since I don’t remember yesterday.

In a case of unusual circumstances we’ve been on the Freedom three times since November. At this time I’d have to say it’s a bit too much of a good thing. While I think she’s generally an excellent ship I believe I am somewhat tired of her, as I’m seeing more faults than I have on previous cruises on her, such as the very uncomfortable speakeasy type of chairs in Scott’s Piano Bar.

We’re in aft cabin 8461, which has a very nice oversized balcony, with the great view off the stern. However this cabin has an unusual layout. For some reason one closet and shelving unit protrude into the entrance way. This makes for very narrow and very limited closet space, while making the entry into the cabin particularly narrow. So narrow in fact that opening a closet door and looking inside is actually uncomfortably tight.

In square footage this cabin is larger than the standard balcony cabin I was in last week on the NCL Jade, but because of the layout it feels quite a bit smaller. Of course, part of it could be that on last week’s cruise I was alone, and this cruise Mrs. Kuki is with me. But I am feeling as though I am living in cramped quarters.

This morning we had our first CruiseMates get together, held in the Swingtime Lounge. There are 82 people in our group on this cruise. At this morning’s gathering I gave out the cabin door magnets, name tags, and telephone directories I had made for everyone and the group socialized. I got so involved with handing out the goodies that I forgot to take many pictures. I’ll make up for it at later meetings.

Tonight was the first “Cruise Elegant” night – Carnival’s new term for what used to be formal night. Most on this cruise were still quite dressed, wearing at least a jacket and tie. I, on the other hand, tested the waters with a more casual look; wearing dress slacks, dress shirt, and a leather sports jacket, with no tie. It was the first time for me on a formal night on a non NCL ship that I didn’t wear at suit or tuxedo. No one on the ship looked at me as though I were a leper; nor did I feel entirely out of place. Though I do think the crowd on this longer cruise could be expected to dress slightly more traditionally than, for example, a seven day Caribbean cruise.
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