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I am NOT for fingerprinting at all. I have no choice to give them my personal information because I am using a US port of embarkation/debarkation. If I had a criminal record in Canada I would likely NOT have a passport, and if I did have a record and was issued a passport my crime would be noted on the passport and the US border patrol would have the right to refuse entry. Murder, rape, theft over $5000, and assault with bodily harm would preculde anyone from getting a passport. Some have been granted a passport, but they must jump through more hoops and get more enhanced checks to get a passport, needless to say, the government makes it difficult to impossible to get a passport for people with a known serious crime.

I would like to know how it is going to make your country safer having this information. If someone decides to disappear while visiting the US, it won't be easy to find them if they blend in and lie low (otherwise don' committ a crime...)

Either way if it is passed Canadians and foreigners will have no choice. I still think it sucks. Americans can come to Canada by car with a BC/DL, but we can't go to your country without a passport....

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