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I know I am going to get beat up over this but, I to am against fingerprinting. I do not buy into this if it stops one criminal from getting on board than it is worth it. What kind of crimianl will it stop? One with outstanding parking tickets, maybe one that is behind on child support, maybe one that did not pay a speeding ticket? To stop a terroist is going to take more than a fingerprint at a port for a cruise ship. In my job i have had to undergo background check upon background check I am subject to drug and alchol testing I have to fill out a little book that tells the government where I am at how long I have been gone where I am going and even where I took my last nap at. Even when I am not working I have to tell them that to. To top this all off, I Am Not a Crimanl, I have not been in prison nor indicted for anything, I am an American Citzen. So I will take my cruise's and vacations but will appose any and all forms of fingerprinting as along as i can. By the way I own my own business driving a semi, they call that book a log book. I would love to see the guy in the factury and even the lawyers and doctors have to fill one out, it would make us all safer out there.
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