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Default About the water.......


Hola amigos
I have had this question many times but it is always nice to answer it. People are always concerned about the water to drink.
The water in Mazatlan, is not purified from the tap. It is for washing and bathing but not for drinking. Even us locals, we drink bottled water that they sell by the big jugs. It is 16 pesos for one of those. You can also put in a system to your house but people just prefer buying a few jugs per week.
As for restaurants, things have changed because they want your business.
Before they would not care and just want your money. Now they would like to have you there for breakfast lunch and dinner.
So I would say that most of the restaurants are good with purified water and ice- If you get sick with a margarita, it might not be the ice, but, all the tequila in there!
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