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Hi Phyllis:

I found this older post on another site:

Alert: Obstructed Veranda Cabin on Constellation
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We returned from our glorious 4 week holiday on Sunday, which included a 13 day Constellation Cruise in the Mediterranean. We booked category 1B - Cabin 8096 mid-ship, a cabin with an unobstructed veranda. When we arrived in our cabin, we opened our sliding glass door, stepped out onto the veranda, only to see a large floor to ceiling metal contraption extending out, blocking our view. We assumed it was a device to wash windows and/or paint the ship, that it would be moved in a day or two. On the 2nd day, it was still in place and when we inquired, we were told it couldn't be moved, that it's home was outside our cabin. Constellation's Guest Relations were gracious enough to move us to another cabin, same 1B category but only because they had an available cabin because of "no show" passengers. They also apologized for our inconvenience and delivered a bottle of wine to our new cabin. Alls well that ends well, but, I shudder to think but for a "no show", we might have had to stay in cabin 8096 for the whole cruise, gazing out at the beautiful seascape and a cumbersome metal thing-a-ma-gig forever in the way. I called both my TA and Celebrity when we returned home and asked them to put the word out that Cabin 8096 is an obstructed view cabin. I felt an obligation to put the word out on the forum, too.,729945
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