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Default cigars in puerto rico, usvi, or bvi


first post on here... been reading the threads for the past 2 hours and i just wanted to say this looks like a great community.

I will be going on my first ever cruise very soon and will be going to dock in san juan PR, St. Thomas USVI, and Tortola BVI.

now in regards to the 100 max cigars per trip (that your allowed to bring back on board) ... where am i going to find said cigars?

Are there "beach boys" basically selling them on there own for cheap? or do I have to wonder around untill i find a cigar shop?

Is there anything I should be worried about (getting overcharged.... haggeling appropriate?, fake cigars?) and when i bring them back on board am I allowed to smoke them withn the designated spots right away or does it work the same as the alcohol; where i would only get them back at the end of the cruise?

If anyone could address any of these topics id appreciate there time.
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