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Thanks for the help!

I'll be in Cape Canaveral on Tues 8/19, and will only be in port from 12pm - 10pm. I've heard it takes about 1 hour each way to Universal. So, if NCL arrives in Port Canaveral on schedule, I'm thinking we'll be off the ship by 1pm? Renting a car like you've all suggested and driving there would be another 1hr 30mins. So we might be in Universal Studios at 2:30? Should we factor in some more traffic time? I don't know how crazy Floridian traffic is in mid-August in the afternoon.

On our way back to Port Canaveral, I'm thinking of leaving the themepark at 7:30pm. That'll give us 1hr 30min to get back to our ship at 9pm, and we'll be sailing again at 10pm.

Please let me know if this is a realistic scenario. Can I tweak some more time out of Universal? Thank you!
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