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On the old Westerdam, we sailed the music, from the 60's theme cruise. One of the stars was Johnny Tillotson. When he appeared onstage, he had Howdy Doody Hair..that shade of red/brown men use when they are of a certain age..:) I said to my husband he looked like he was embalmed.

Fast forward to the good bye show..while mingling with friends in the lobby area, I said. Did you see Johnny, he looked like he was embalmed The look in my friends eyes, was that of a deer in the headlight.

Suddenly, I had a tap on my shoulder, asking me, what I meant by that guessed it, it was Johnny! I though I would die right on the spot....Well I said," you looked a bit stiff in the final good bye...!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, a woman yelled, to take a picture with him, and he was gone.. The 4 of us scattered like kids at the playground...My worst moment ever, at sea or land!

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