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It actually does Donna . The less weight, then the less the Captain has to keep the plane in lower gear to shift the plane, just like driving a car

Less weight, then there is a slower engine speed or revs required to compensate for the weight,,but the distance to fly is still the same.

Thats why they do all the paper stuff when we are all sitting on the plane waiting to take off 8) They average peoples weight plus actual hold luggage and that all equals FUEL they need to fly, and that equals how hard the engines have to work and given prices, what we pay

Weight makes the engine revs required to do this flight and to keep it in the air, and that ='s the fuel required for the journey

So if people dont get slimmer, and we continue to "IGNORE" the human element of the flight and why people dont need to actually "check" themselves in to get the weight right, then its still based on hold baggage.

I feel they will keep using this "method" until fuel gets to a price and luggage restrictions are giving so little back regarding fuel costs, that people are the next target.

Given the current changes, prices or restrictions on baggage "weight", I can see that "personal weight" thing will becoming a reality, and why not?

Place yourself on scales in front of checkin, and your over the "norm weight",,,you pay more.

And simply because, both people and baggage are the factors in this equation, so why make the slim folks pay for "others" personally carried on "excess baggage"

Sorry, but why should I pay the price the increasing fuel excess for someone who is twice my weight as a person and more than my luggage allownace, No they will not do it, as it’s easier to charge everyone the same to fly, and do "excess" on baggage. Not fair

Weigh me and my luggage
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