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Originally Posted by Donna
Oh Too funny.

I don't see why the airlines don't add the cost of one bag of luggage to each airfare ticket and charge the $25 if there is more than one checked bag per person??
Well, here's the deal on that: AA has done an analysis and figured out that the $15 charge will wind up applying to only about 25% of its passengers this summer. It will rise a bit after that, because they've grandfathered in a lot of tickets that were bought before the policy was announced.

As I've said before, people on this board look at the airline industry largely through the lens of the leisure traveler, and they frequently assume that they're typical. They're not.

The airlines are quite openly applying the bag charge most heavily to infrequent fliers who buy the lowest price tickets. They're doing this to level the playing field a little bit re ticket prices. The person sitting next to you who paid a business fare three times what you did will get a pass on the $15. You still got the best deal overall, by far.

As far as bin space is concerned, because the fee will only apply to a limited number of people, it may turn out to be not too big a problem. To the extent it is, however, AA has already announced (and I'm sure the others will follow), that if the bins are full, AND if your bag meets the onboard requirements in terms of size and number of pieces, they'll gate check it for you at no charge. Typically, when you gate check a bag it gets put in a forward hold, and is brought directly up to the jetway as you deplane, eliminating the need for you to go to baggage claim.

BUT, if your bag is bigger than it should be, or if you've carried on too many items, they're gonna nick you for the bag fee.

In other news, USAirways announced today that they're gonna start charging two bucks for Cokes. See my original reply to this post.
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