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While a balcony is not that important to some, for us it is. On other cruises with other lines, once we experienced a balcony we couldn't even imagine going back for the trips that are warm weather. Hard to put a dollar value on maybe one of the best parts of the trip. We don't spend much time in our room but when we are there our time is on the balcony watching the waves, dolphins and any other magic moment playing out for us. On the sun side of the trip it is also nice to be able to sun bath there when the pool gets too crowded. Did I mention a few fabulous meals on the balcony? Well, that too.

At a minimum now I guess I would settle for at least a window cabin, only if it is a colder area. It is rather like the saying "what you don't know, you don't miss" so think long and hard before doing it as you'll be as spoiled as we are.
Love to cruise!
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