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Without a doubt, it is an enormous ship. I expect the size of it to be somewhat staggering when we finally get to see it.

Personally, I am really looking forward to it (I disagree with Kuki). If you look at the size of the ship the number of passengers is not so unwieldly. At 5000 berths, it holds about 25% more passengers than Freedom, but is almost 1/2 again the size of Freedom.

And in all honesty, RCI is very family oriented, but so far I see this ship appealing to more young adults than families. It is likely to be pricier, and so far they have not revealed a lot of true kids-only types of features. I see above average income, but still young enough to be active/sports oriented, passengers.

I forsee the Voyager-class becoming more affordable once this is the new standard, and that will be where families with kids will go.

This will be a "stay onboard" kind of ship. Why go into Jamaica when you have all the activities you need onboard?
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