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Default Re: car rental return in Whittier?

Originally Posted by bonvoyaged
Does anyone know if there are any rental car companies that allow you to return your car in Whittier? I know we returned one in Seward, but haven't found any info for return in Whittier. Thanks
The good news is that yes, there is an AVIS car rental in Whittier. It is located in a General store, just a short walk from the pier. Whittier is also more than an hour closer to Anchorage than Seward.

The bad news is that the drop charge in Whittier is very, very expensive. Last year we faced the same dilemma and just took the trip transfer to Anchorage from Whittier to the Anchorage airport and rented a car for a week. The cost for the transfers for two was far less than the total cost of dropping or picking up a car in Whittier. In addition to the drop charge our weekly rate would have doubled for the car. I don't know how it is now but that is how it was last year. It would be more inconvenient to have to wait at the airport for busses to Whittier, than to drop a car, so it just depends on what your preferences are. If you decide to drive to Whittier, you are probably aware that there is a tunnel just outside of Whittier that is only open to traffic ,one way, for 15 minutes every hour.

Hope this helps.

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