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Hello. I returned to California in the evening on May 14 from a cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea (port of Athens), 15 hours in the air, and a car ride home from the airport only to end up in the emergency room in the wee hours the next day. Severe vertigo was the diagnosis, but a horrendous non-stop, non-throbbing headache was the major symptom. After an MRI, CT scan, blood tests, visit to the well known House Ear Clinic, balance tests, and medication that seems to have made it worse, I still have a constant, vicious headache, but no dizziness, spinning, tinnitus, or sensitivity to light. It has been nearly impossible to work, although I've tried. Next step is a neurologist. First I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease, then migraine (some doctors don't listen to your symptoms). Am on Tylenol and Valium, which helps a little. Could all of this be related to the cruise and air travel? Any idea what to do about it, who specializes in treatment, or when it might end? I've had very few headaches or illnesses in my life, and I am 62. Thanks for any suggestions.
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