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Default Re: Anyone forget clothing in stateroom?

Yes Jason,

We have. Many years ago my DH and myself holidayed in Rhodes, Greece. Upon return back to the UK, we both realised that we had left our precious robes on the back of the bathroon door and what was worse, was that mine was a genuine silk kimono which had been bought especilly for me by my then boyfriend now DH from Tokyo.

It was a beautiful kimono in pure red silk with large oriental birds engraved all over it in gold. I was beside myself.

Anyway, we contacted the Hotel direct who got in touch with their Housekeeping and were advised that they had found both the robes and were more than happy to send them back all the way to U.K. free of charge.

3 days later, our robes arrived safe and sound and I still have my red silk kimono to this day as it is a very cherished item.

So some people can be amazingly honest - I truly thought we had seen the last of our robes and to this day, I NEVER hand them on the back of the bathroom doors any more.

Kind regards,
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