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I'm planning to do a 7-day cruise with one carry-on, no checked luggage at all, and a laptop bag. Other than the white shorts, tank top and sneakers I'll be wearing on the plane both ways, I will be bringing 1 pair of kahki shorts and 6 tank tops for days, 1 pair of white capri pants and 5 camisole shirts for dinner, a black velvet low cut dress for both formal nights and one swim suit, 7 panties, 2 bras, 7 pairs of sneaker socks, 4 pairs of knee high hose, 1 pair of patyhose, a pair of black dressy flats for evenings and flip flops for pool/deck time. I will not risk having my luggage lost so othe rthan the carry on i will have my laptop case with my purse in it and all travel documents.
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