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Originally Posted by Ford_Racing_Ron
Are these cabanas always there or do they get put up when people ask for them?
They are permanently there, and are sold on a per cruise or per day basis. Apparently there are staff to make sure that people don't park it in other's cabanas.

The problem with these things is that if you've read any of the "live from the Eurodam" posts, you will have definitely read that there is now not enough sitting area on the Lido deck. In fact, I believe the tables and loungers have been entirely removed from one side to make way for the cabanas. This means that it's gonna be a true competition to get a table there, and some people onboard these past couple of weeks have reported not being able to find a spot (either indoors or outdoors) to eat their Lido breakfast. The one guy, he posts as RevNeal, talked about walking around the Lido three times one morning, with his breakfast tray in hand ... getting cold ... looking for a place to sit and eat. He finally parked himself in one of the empty cabanas and ate it there. A HAL staffer approached him and told him that he could not eat his breakfast in an empty cabana that was rented to someone else. He told the staffer to find him a place to eat and he would be more than happy to move. The staffer walked away and returned with an officer who also told him he would have to move. Luckily by then the good Reverand was finished eating, so he got up, handed his dirty tray to the officer, and walked off.

But that's what I mean ... these cabanas are taking up necessary space and that's not fair. Put them on a deck where they won't infringe on the space other passengers should be entitled to use.

The other problem I have with these cabanas is that with loungers only located on one side of the pool now, what's going to happen when mom wants to keep an eye on her little ones while they swim? Her odds of being able to get a lounger are not going to be good, so she has no choice now but to rent a cabana in order to be assured of having a spot near the main pool. Well, what's going to happen if she really can't afford that ... or doesn't want to part with a couple of hundred dollars to rent a cabana for the week. She has a choice. She can either stand and roast in the sun watching her kids swim, or she can simply tell them "sorry, no swimming on this cruise." Her other option, and certainly the one I would choose, will be to take the kids back to the aft pool where there may be more loungers and let them swim there. If anybody says anything to her about kids not being allowed in that pool, she can smile sweetly and flip them the bird.

I say get these cabanas off the Lido deck and throw them all overboard.

Blue skies ...

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