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Default Scooter rentals

I have rented scooters on every cruise I have taken. I have found it cheaper to rent the scooter locally and take it with me. I pay about $100 a week for the rental. Every airline lets me drive it to the gate then puts it on the plane there and it meets me at the next airport at the gate. In Munich they checked it in at the counter and took me by wheelchair to the gate and picked me up in a wheelchair in LAX through customs and to the baggage claim area where it was delivered to me. On a T/A total of 17 days they chaged me $200 delivered to my house and picked up from my house. I have had it delivered to the ship and they pick it up at the pier allowing me to use it to get off the ship. So sheck out the prices from your home town first. When going to the ship in town I how have the scooter delivered to the house and take a handicapped taxi to the ship, that way I don't have to stand in lines which is very painful.
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