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No offense to any of the parents who have posted on here about their little darlings and how they enjoyed the cruise. I am a parent, but I would never have taken my newborns on a cruise.

As cute as we parents think they are, the fact is, a newborn can be loud and cranky - and can easily impact on the other people around. Don't misunderstand me - I love my kids and spend as much time with them as possible, as all parents should do.

But, there are times and situations when the presence of a newborn infant is simply not appropriate. A lounge (read - bar) on a cruise ship is one of those places. The same goes for the dining room - a fidgety infant, maybe crying, maybe just tossing stuff to the floor every minute - that is not fair to the other guests. Likewise the infant on your hip in the casino. Just not appropriate.

At the shows, how much attention is the little on paying to the stage versus the number of times they make noise so the people at the next table cannot hear the show? Or how many drinks does the tot knock over?

And I know, your child never behaves like that. Well, my kids are great (one on the way to the US Naval Academy) and trust me - they could be really annoying as infants. All kids are that way. Don't let your love for your child blind you to that.

Overall, I think a cruise with infants is a mistake. If you can't arrange a week for them with grandma and grandpa, then maybe it would be best to hold off a bit on the cruise until the are more age-ready.

Just my opinion.
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