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Default As promised about the wet dock

Hi January 2nd cruisers

I found this posted on our board (January 16th cruise) and though you might be interested. Have a great cruise when the time comes round......only about 5 months now for you all.

For those of you interested I have found out some information about the ship's forthcoming wet dock.
Grand Princess is due for wet dock from 13 December to 19 December in Ft. Lauderdale before embarking on its Caribbean Christmas cruise.
So what is going to take place? Basically it's a bit of a refurbishment -- carpets across the ship are going to be replaced and the public lounges are going to get some new upholstery/furnishings as well.
A little bit more exciting though is the fact The Sanctuary will be added (work on this will start during the trans-Atlantic crossing as it takes a little more time). The current tennis court and running track (up on Deck 16 Forward) will be moved to the aft area of the ship to make way for the Sanctuary area with its gazebos and massage areas.
Another feature to be added down on Deck 5 of the Atrium is the Piazza area -- where passengers can sit and indulge in caviare, pastries etc... I am told this won't appear on Grand Princess until later next year -- I wasn’t able to get specific dates, but will try to find out more!
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