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Default Can Cabin Location Adversely Affect The Quality Of A Cruise?

I have been reading a number of posted messages concerning past experiences.

We had a very bad experience on the Maasdam last year, but it would seem that others love the ship; some who were perhaps on board either at the time we were, or just before or after.

I noticed, too, that those who sang praises for the Maasdam and mentioned their accommodations tended to have veranda cabins, or better. For the first time ever, we had an ocean view cabin rather than a veranda. Our experience was nothing like what we'd come to expect from past cruises on HAL and other lines. Nor were the problems we encountered restricted to our cabin only.

So, my question is this: Can one expect problems, or more problems, with AC, lack of hot water, etc. with an inside or ocean view cabin than they would in a veranda cabin?

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