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Default Re: Cabin amenities on the millenium??


Originally Posted by You
We are in the countdown to a 14 day trip on the Millenium. I have seen conflicting listings as to what is available in our cabin. In particular, is there a mini fridge in every cabin (we are booked for an inside,) and do the lower end cabins have VCRs and/or plugs on the front of the TV for RCA cables to hook up our own player or PlayStation? Our last cruise was on the Pacific Princess and all the cabins have fridges. It was nice to be able to come in after a long day and grab something cold to drink or have chilld fruit. One evening they sent our desserts from the specialty restaurant down to our room because we just couldn't eat another bite at the table! They even sent an extra one, bless them!! I enjoyed tiramisu for 3 days!!
Yes, there is a refrigerator in every cabin. It's normally stocked with the complimentary "minibar" setup of beverages and snacks, so it does not have a lot of extra room. You'll find a copy of the "minibar" inventory and price list in your cabin. I think that the cabin steward can remove the inventory, at no charge, if you so request.

Be aware that your cabin steward will replace whatever you use from the "minibar" set-up and bill the replacement to your shipboard account whenever (s)he services your cabin. Also, your cabin steward will lock the refrigerator during turn-down on the last night of the cruise so you won't be able to take anything from it after the last billing. Passengers whose medicines require refrigeration can make arrangements in advance to have access to their refrigerators during the last night.

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