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Default Re: Carnival's *pre-paid* gratuities

Pre-tipping can be done in two ways. You can Pre-tip when you book your cruise and it is included in your fare in the standard rate and it goes to the ship and shows up in the pay of the crew in aqbout two weeks. You cannot adjust it. You can have Auto-tipping and that is done for you and comes out of your S&S bill and again, the crew gets their share in abnout two weeks. You can adjust this up ot down and individually at your whim. You can also tip personally in addition to these two forms if you think the person is deserving. The third way to tip is the traditional manner in where you have the Auto-tips removed from your account and give each person the amount of tip you feel they deserve in cash and directly to them. We actually do it this way in the old manner as we personally feel that tipping is a personal matter and wish to express it face to face with them. The amount is quite often more to much more than what is suggested. We also include a personal thank you and a card extending our thanks.
Then there are those that 'Stiff" the crew and do not tip at all for all the hard work that they do for them. They justify this as saying that they were just doing their job, the ship should pay them better, and any number of differant things to justify this improper behaviour. Unfortunately this was about 18-25% of the people that do this! Yes that is shocking but it is the truth. Keep this in mind when you offer these wonderful people who have worked so hard for you and kept a smile on their face the tip they have worked so hard to earn. The normal pay for the crewmen and women you tip is $50-$100 a MONTH! For that they work 7 days a week up to 12-16 hrs a day for up to a year on the ship and away from their loved ones just to earn enough money to send home and help support their family and often their extended families! They DO deserve a tip and our gratitude.

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