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Originally Posted by Bermuda Triangle
The Royal Gazette recently said that Holland America was returning to Bermuda for the first time in 70 years, but I remember the Vollendam and Veendam being in Hamilton in the early 80's. They were both very 'tired' looking ships, maybe 20 years old - were they still owned by HAL at that time?
At that time, back in the early 80's they were owned by HAL, but subsequently sold to other lines.

They were the Veendam 111 - 1973-1983 and Volendam 11 - 1973-1983

The present Veendam 1V, was launched in 1996 and the Volendam 111, in 1999.

Back in the 70's & early 80's HAL ran these 2 ships on weekly trips out of NYC during the summer to Bermuda - lots of honeymooners! The old joke was that all the honeymooners had cabins on one side of the ship, so it was always listing to that particular side.
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