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To athos 129: There were other factors that were considered as to my decision to try the obstructed view. I felt as though as long as I get some kind of sunlight in the room, I should be ok. I would not worry if it were a full view, even though it is a closed window. I guess Phobia comes in different degrees. I think I am just worrying now because the time is drawing near!

Dannyboy: You make a really good point about seas being rough. I suppose if that happens, I will have to find an open area on board. This will be my first cruise, so I assume I will learn about many things that I did not think of. Thank you for being a bit kinder in your response than the one before you, as well.

I guess I will just have to wait and see how I feel about it when I get there. I just thought someone else who is claustrophobic could give me past experiences as to how they faired with the obstructed view.

I will keep an open mind, try not to panick, and have great time, no matter what!! I will let you all know how it goes.
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