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I dont drink, neither does my husband.
On Disney although people do walk aorund with tropical drinks Out of 16 cruises I have only seen 2 people who had to much to drink. They were both in the adult only area, not near the children.

So I have never ha d aproblem with people having a social drink on their vacation. I see more drunk people on the wekends just in local stores, restaurants and theaters than on the ship.

You can also get many of the tropical drinks without alcohol.

Now on Carnival when we went, people smelled like alcohol and I saw dozens of rude, drunk people starting early morning all through the day.
It was horrible and we will never do Carnival again.

Disney does a great job about serving their drinks over other cruise lines.
Kids areas are far away from the bars.
Mostly where you see it is the outside decks around the pool area. But very little by the Mickey pool, compared to tha adult pool where kids arnt allowed.

It really isnt a problem on board, like other cruise lines.

No cruise line would go alcohol free. That is where they make a great deal of their profits. It doesnt matter what cruise line it is, they are a business. Businesses are out to make a profit. Bottom line, any business, even Disney is about the money.

Sorry to hear that disappointed you but after being on the ship you will see it really isnt a big deal and the kids arnt paying any attention to what adults are doing. They are in the pool or in the clubs having fun.


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