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Wow! Did this thread erupt or what? lol.

I think I said in my first post I wouldn't post any further on the subject but since it's taken on a life of its own, why not?

I think the whole child issue is like anything else, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Is it reasonable for entire industries like airlines to come up with adults only flights etc? No, I doubt in reality that's going to happen. Should parents do their level best to contain & control their child on a flight, in public or anywhere else?...Absolutely.

I agree the parent who just completely ignores a kid's bad behavior in public is completely at fault for not at least trying to maintain control and if that's the case, it's even reasonable to say something to them (even though some of the ways to deal with the parent posted earlier are just stupid, way over the top and rightfully will get the crap smacked out of you by a protective Dad). However, I do think it's a little presumptuous (got to be careful not to say prejudice I guess) that every parent who is having problems maintaining control is a horrible parent from hell. Kids are just going to have really bad kid days at times. All of us have made mistakes in life, lost our temper or whatever...Is it fair that someone who doesn't know us judges us completely from that one negative incident? No, it's not and we shouldn't just make a blanket judgement of every parent who is doing their best to keep a small child under control but still having problems doing so by just seeing them one time. Everyone has their pet theory on discipline. I've known good and bad kids who were disciplined the "old fashioned" way. I've seen good and bad kids that are disciplined in the newer, more "talk it out and reason with them" way. We all tend to think the way WE were brought up was the best, only way to do things and the world is falling apart because not everyone subscribes to our parents way of doing things...I think there is a bit more to it than that.

Most of us swear that while on a cruise, we won't let certain things that happen at times ruin our crusie. Maybe just try to apply that thinking to everyday life when it comes to a non-perfect kid you come in contact with. Don't let it ruin your dinner, flight or whatever anymore than you would let a bad waiter, the 3 hour wait to disembark the ship or missed port ruin an entire cruise. Besides, if we slump into an economic depression in the next few days, the last thing you are going to worry about when your in a line a quarter mile long outside your bank is going to be the crying kid behind you!
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