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There is really not much difference between the breakfast menu in the formal dining room and the breakfast menu in the buffet. The only differences I have noticed are the addition of eggs benedict, salmon, and corned beef hash in the formal dining room. The main difference between both venues is that in the formal dining room, you are waited on and everything arrives at the same don't have to walk around the buffet gathering items along the way. By the time you sit down to eat, the first hot item you put on your plate is now cold. I prefer the convenience of the buffet but a lot of people love sitting down to a quiet, leisurely breakfast. I'm sure they must have a children's menu, other readers will probably answer this question for you. Even if you had to order from the adult menu, the portions are very small and I can't think of what breakfast items a child would want that are not on the adult menu. They offer dry cereal, hot cereal, juice, fruit, eggs, pancakes, toast, bagels, etc.
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