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Default Re: Is it me or does others think NCL has the worst food?

Originally Posted by peninsularoad
We found the food to be very bland, very small portions and more limited on the choices then Royal caribbean and Carnival in the dining room?

Even for breakfast, I ordered hash browns and they were the size of a half dollar!

The appetiser selection was horrible, very limited and very unappealing.

When I got the prime rib, it was sliced paper thin and I mean paper thin.

So, comparing to other cruise lines in the same class like royal caribbean and carnival, what do others think?

On Royal Caribbean and carnival, both were pretty good for the class. I would rate the dining room food a notch better on royal carribbean and the buffet, pizza, ect... a bit better on carnival.

Entertainment was about the same on all 3 cruises, but i found the people on Royal and carnival much more social and friendly.

I'd love to hear your opionon if you have any to compare.

I will never take another cruise on NCL.
I have to say that the NCL Buffet is at the bottom of my list but the rest of the restaurants are at about the top.

I didn't see the half dollar hash browns, or the paper thin prime rib. The food in the alternative restaurants are some of the best at sea IMO.

I guess for each opinion there is usually a contrary one. Mine is somewhat contrary.

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