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Originally Posted by Ron n Jon
Originally Posted by firehoss
...I enjoyed sitting there watching world go by with the door open. As long as I am in that room and want the door open then I will do that. When I leave the room I do close it. I do it at hotels, I do it at home.
Our comment was "For both the comfort and the safety of the entire ship, balcony doors should not be left in an open position." If you have no concern for your fellow passengers then why on earth do you expect smokers to repect you?
Don't know about repect but I do know about respect. Just joking...sorry.

Yeah I guess your right. I need to think about that don't I? Not sure what the exact reason for not having those closed. I guess when we are in the hot humid climes it will make no sense what-so-ever. But we were in cool dry air I can see no harm on the air system. But safety wise, and I do expect this is a reason for closed doors, they want to contain any fire problem to as small an area as possible and leaving doors open is a major concern in that regard.

But for climate control and all those doors opening and closing so often when we were scenic crusing I can just immagine that it didn't matter very much. I mean they do boast that over 70% of the rooms have balconies right? In and out, in and out....can't see how leaving it closed for 1-2 minutes really helps.

And finally, I will keep my door shut if you stop smoking....yeah I am an idiot I know...but in reality I'd just love to sit in the bar with you and discuss this as I am not as much an ____le as I sound like on here. I'
d even go to a smoking allowed worries. I bet in about 2 drinks time I could convince you that I meant no harm by asking these questions and glad to share these spaces with smokers. That is why I asked here so I'd know the rules. Not fall off and make someone mad about something they were doing right.

For now I will have an open door policy, so come on in and lets share some food and drink....heavy on the drink please...
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