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Default Safe Cave Tubing

Seems from all indications the two popular independent cave tubing companies in Belize are .COM and Major Tom at Cave-Tubing.NET - the latter adds zipline if required and both sell the cave tubing tour for $45 per adult and $25 for kids. We liked Major Tom for his total insistence of safety first, second, and last, plus the fantastic knowledge their guides had on the country, the rainforest and the caves. In fact while others seem to be almost running through the trail to the caves, our guys at .NET spent time here and there explaining away about the various bush remedies contained in the jungles. We even tasted termites - shades of "Survivor" - they were minty. And the sugar cane - sweet. We even managed to grab a couple ripe guavas off a tree near the trail - delicious! All in all, a great buy at half the ship's price, and four times the fun !!!
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