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Default Re: Taking the plunge! Costa Concordia Med. Thanksgiving

Originally Posted by beenie weenie
Well this will be new for us. I have finally made decision. It is written in stone now that I have made final payment.

I feel like trying something new and different. This will probably fit the bill. One thing I have found on Costa that I didn't know existed was the X1 package. For our one week Med cruise we pay $94 dollars and get unlimited beer, wine, soda and water during lunch and dinner.

There are no sea days on this cruise. I am sooooo looking forward to it! Hope I don't overpack!
Hey beenie weenie! I'll be on the same cruise! I was just trying to figure out the weather situation and came across this thread. This will be my first cruise so if anyone cares to share any tips, I'd love to hear them.

I'm a little confused about the dress code, for one. And can anybody give me an idea of what the weather will be like? I can find out the info for the ports, but what about while at sea?

Also, how much can I expect to pay for one soda? I was planning on drinking water thinking it was free (yeah ... I'm cheap) but I guess it's bottled water and not free. So now I'm wondering if this X1 deal is the way to go. Unfortunately since my parents are going, I won't be partaking of any adult beverages , so would it be worth the $94 just for soda and/or water?
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