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Default Re: Carnival's Response to Fantasy Cruise after Dry Dock (10

Originally Posted by lhp
Originally Posted by QueenB
Has anyone that was on this cruise received a reply from Carnival? I sent an email within the first week and I sent a letter a couple of weeks ago. So reply. Should I now make a phone call to customer relations? I want an explaination as to why this sailing went so terribly wrong. Is an explaination and appology too much to expect?
I always allow 6 weeks for any response (and I always use snail mail).
With the hurricane issues that they are dealing could be a bit longer. But I have never had Carnival not get back with me.

Good luck.

BTW, we were on the second sailing out of drydock and while a lot of the complaints were fixed....I know you folks are not exaggerating. I had good friends on that cruise and it was that bad and more.

Thank you for your reply. It is nice to know that there is still someone out their that knows how bad this cruise really was from start to finish. There is no excuse why this happened. It's not as if we were at a bad restaurant and could get up and leave or at a bad hotel and could just pack our bags and drive down the street to another. We had two choices...endure and try to enjoy or sprout fins and grow gills. I'm just glad this wasn't our first cruise. We would never cruise again. At least I am giving Carnival the chance to make things right.
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