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Default Re: glass of wine?

Originally Posted by vico64
Hello cruise-mates,
Am I allowed to bring a glass of wine with me from the cabin to the public areas like the Lido? Has anybody tried?
I see nothing wrong with bringing a glass of wine with you to the Lido. In fact, I've seen people walk into the dining room carrying a glass of wine.

Some people feel that you should only consume your own wine in the stateroom, and not bring it into the public areas, but I personally don't agree with this ... especially in a venue such as the Lido.

I recently traveled on the Statendam, and I spent time with a couple who frequently brought their own cans of soda to the Ocean Bar. They drank a brand that wasn't available on the ship and there was no issue with them bringing it to the bar to enjoy.

Now, I would recommend that you also patronize the ship's bars and lounges on occasion as well. I know that I would feel a bit embarrassed to NEVER buy a drink onboard the ship. But that said, I don't think it is necessary to ALWAYS buy every beverage you consume from the ship. After all, if one is a heavy wine or soda drinker, that could get somewhat expensive.

The other option available to you is to buy a wine card. You can get them for either 10 or 20 pours of a house wine brand. Then each time you want a glass of wine, you can just use the wine card. I always buy wine and Signature Cocktail Cards in advance of my cruises. Makes it a bit easier to keep the onboard charges under control that way.

Blue skies and enjoy your cruise!

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