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Default Re: New York Accents

Originally Posted by david30101
Im not the one to gripe here even though I enjoy reading others..The biggest pet peeve i have is a group or 2-3 middle aged women 50-60 YO with a very strong NEW YORK ACCENT that speek loud enougth for others to hear from a distance..I witnessed this the other day while in the hottub and these women were 20 feet away and talking about how the hang there panties up to dry in the shower and wearing them every day on there balcony..Now remember, Picture in your mind..These are not cute good looking 20 or 30 yos...They are 50-60 out of shape with very bad skin....Old enough to be somebodys grandmothers.
You know I am not bothered by people's accents-UNLESS they want to make fun of my strong southern "country hick" accent-and their's is just as strong- for ex.- once a Boston cab driver made fun of me and you should have heard him. !

But speaking too loudly is a differant story-no matter the accent-that is not being considerate of the people around you.
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