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My shipmate is correct though, that yes, they can't guarantee a port, BUT they JUST were in dry dock for 18 days, putting the engine in the boat. It breaks down the VERY first cruise back? Should have been checked. We were the "guinea pig test cruise" when we shouldn't have been.
I'm disappointed in the missed port, but my issue is that they DID promise all these extras for concierge class, and once you are on the boat, you don't get all that is stated. That IS bait and switch. It seemed like they didn't care about the smaller trips, when each passenger should be treated with respect. And the ship was VERY poorly organized, at OUR expense. You really can't judge what happened on our boat unless you were on it and experienced that specific cruise. They also broadcasted food in certain places at certain times(in their daily bulletin), and there was nothing.
There was a woman in the spa I overheard complaining that the spa manager was supposed to call her the day before, and never did.
Hopefully we will hear back...I was told by an agent that once more than 50 percent complain, that sometimes the cruise line will make a shipwide decision to furthur reimburse. I can guarantee that there are MANY who will never return.
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