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Unfortunately everything being said about this cruise on the Infinity is true. I didn't even care about the port change. I had fun in Key West and Nassau and I was glad to get off of the ship for awhile. Here is some of my experiences.

The first morning at breakfast in the buffet was a zoo. We arrived at 9 am and I got in the omelet line. It took 20 minutes to reach the front only to find out they were out of ham. The guy in front of me asked when they would get more and we were told it would be at least 10 more minutes. We skipped the ham. My husband thought it would be quicker to go through the pre-cooked line but they were out of scrambled eggs there. When we finally got our food we had to go on a search for some coffee. They were out of it in all the stations. There weren't any clean mugs either. What an ordeal! The next morning we tried the dining room. We each ordered poached eggs and hash browns. My husband ordered ham while I chose bacon. He was given orange juice instead of the tomato he asked for. Then the waitress brought me my poached eggs and nothing else. A few minutes later she brought my husband some poached eggs and nothing else. We figured she would come back but she didn't. We finally flagged her down and asked about the rest of our breakfast. She got a stricken look on her face and said she forgot. She dashed back to the kitchen only to come back with 2 small pieces of ham for my husband. She didn't have the rest of my meal. At this point I was just tired of the struggle and gave up. I ended up needing to buy lunch in Nassau because I was hungry.

Dinner every night was a marathon. We sat with dirty plates in front of us much too long in between courses. On the last night everyone in our area was served salty water. The waiters quickly gathered up the glasses and told us we coudn't drink the tea either because it came from the same pipes. They did provide us with a glass of Evian water then.

On the last morning at breakfast there was an older fellow yelling at a Asst. Maitre d' about the horrible treatment we had all received. When he didn't like how the Asst Maitre d' responded he said "That's Baloney" while walking off. The Maitre 'd yelled "Baloney to you too, Sir!" right in front of all of us standing there. I understood his frustration but it wasn't the most professional thing for someone in his postion to do.

I am sorry to say that this is only a very small sample of incidents but there are simple too many to list. I have been on over 20 cruises and I have never experienced anything like this. I have to believe that this was not the normal Celebrity experience but like someone else said we were nothing but guinea pigs for this cruise. It was such a disappointment. I booked this cruise a year ago and had really looked forward to it. I feel like my vacation time and money were wasted with Celebrity.
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