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Originally Posted by DJRed
You should really call celebrity customer service then. They will tell you how they are being bombarded with many DIFFERENT people calling. First night alone they were over the 50 percent mark. It IS in perspective, the majority were very dissatisfied, with MAJOR problems. Can't change someoe elses opinion though, and we know the facts, being on the ship, so it's really senseless at this point to be going back and forth with you. You seem to be the only one who thinks we mightbe in the minority.
I agree with you. It was necessary to be on the ship to undersand. I also feel that the number of new or infrequent posters should indicate that there was enough wrong with this sailing that others should be prepared if they have an upcoming cruise scheduled on this ship.
I have checked other boards and can't seem to find all the compliments about the ship that an earlier poster made. I can only judge from my experience and the number of grumbling dissatisfied people on board. After a number of cruises with Celebrity and other lines, I do know that what occured was out of the ordinary and not acceptable.
I did call Celebrity and file a complaint.
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