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I called and complained a few days now.
I also emailed my LONG complaint letter to the CEO, not that HE'LL do anything.
One thing you won't get for sure is a speedy reply... from anyone. It does take time, and you have to excercise some patience. They will investigate the complaints and examine them against the ship's reports. It could be months before you get an answer.

I am done with Celebrity. I've heard a lot of grumbling on the boat about calling credit cards for disputes, and I already let mine know I may, depending on the outcome. We did NOT get the cruise we were promised. All we got was a boat with many many problems
If you told them in your correspondance that you're "done with Celebrity" there is nothing to be gained by them by offering you a credit on a future cruise to compensate you. And they won't simply be sending you a check and saying goodbye.

The most effective letters are short descriptions of the problems, with a statement of what type of compensation would satisfy you.

As to anyone contesting the charges with their credit cards... sorry, it isn't going to help. You were sold a cruise, and you got a cruise...... even if it was one fraught with problems.
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