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Originally Posted by briguy
Originally Posted by Ainsley
digi cam, rechargeable batteries, extra memory cards, power strip, face cleaner, fingernail polish remover, clear polish, all kinds of meds for different things, hair stuff, ipod and charger, address book, small rolling bag for souveniers in ports, bar soap, highlighters, pens, perm marker, perfume, clothes of course, face cleaner, makeup, jewelry, and shower caps (i take 2 showers after 2pm each day the first to prepare for dinner so i fix my hair and such and get dressed come back change clothes and hang out with when i come in at 3 or 4am and i want another shower i dont have to worry about having to restraighten my hair for the next morning)

Way too much stuff... you ought to sail in a Walmart store and bring the ship to you, it will be a lighter load..

hahaha. your sooo right. my mom bought me a suitcase just for that stuff. its one of the smaller ones but its jam packed with stuff everytime i cruise. whether it is a 5 day or a 7 day the same amount of stuff goes with me each time.
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